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Our Approach

Throughout the UK, from rural to urban, communities have the right to enjoy accessible, needs based and cost-effective services. Mobile projects tick all of these boxes, plus offers a solution that is unique. Vehicles now act as premises in delivering a wide range of community services including the following; IT suites, kitchens, gyms, youth centres and drop in centres.

The association will bring projects together for the common good. From the top of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall, from the west tip of Northern Ireland to the East Coast of Norfolk and beyond, our aim is to keep projects on the road.

The Association of Mobile Projects is run and managed by TGS consultant Services Ltd.

TGS Consultant Services Ltd, is a limited company set up to support mobile and community projects, TGS’ director, Tym Soper has been working with Community organisations for over 20 years. He has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience both working on, and advising mobile schemes. With this expertise and knowledge in sustainable, cost effective community development, he has been able to help secure over £1 million for mobile work.

Our Story