Help projects go mobile


Thinking of going mobile? Your only limits are your imagination and the amount of money you can spend.  We can help you every step of the way, from the initial idea to driving down the road. We can help you with ideas, costings, sourcing vehicle and funding

Initial consultation is free though may ask for a contribution for travel costs

Evaluation workshops

We will put on several workshops around the country where members can book into and learn ideas on how to evaluate and improve their project*

*Depending on venue and availability of experts.

A regular newsletter


We will send out (hard copies) to all members. This will include useful tips any relevant changes in the law and articles from members. If you have any articles, features, adverts you wish to put in the newsletter please contact us.

On site visits

We can arrange an on-site visit to come and visit you and your project, to discuss your needs and how we can help you*

*Depending on distance and availability there may be a charge for travel.


TGS will be working on behalf of the Association to make sure the voice of mobile projects is heard with the policy makers and the ministry of transport.

Project management strategy guidance.

Project management strategy guidance.

We can come and assess where you are currently and where you want to be and help you achieve that. This could include a needs analyst and look at funding options and opportunities for your project.

Initial consultation is free, though we may ask for expenses depending on location.

Help with fundraising

You could sign up to the funding email and Newsletter. We will send out any funding that we feel relevant to your project. We can provide fundraising workshops to further assist you and your project.


Information and advice

We have a wealth of experience and can offer you the best information and advice to keep your project on the road. We can also connect you to the rest of the membership and several industry experts.

Specialist Training

Most training provided either locally or nationally doesn’t quite fit with the specific needs from working on a mobile. We will work with other projects to provide specialist training relevant to projects including;

  • Driver Training
  • Health and safety
  • Trustee and committee

£60 members £100 non- members per day, plus travel and accommodation.

Custom made policies and procedures

We can custom make your policies and procedures so they work for you

Depending on the amount of work needed

 but we work on, from £60 per day plus travel and expenses.  

Help driver regulations, Vehicle policy and procedures

The regulations around driving large vehicles can be Confusing, we keep up to date with all the regulations and can help you to keep on the road legally. We can help you write driver and vehicle policies and procedures.

Under the current Insurance policy, all drivers must fill in a driver’s declaration form. Please check that this is correct,

for further information

If you would like further information please contact us .